In this episode of the Big Truths of Small Business podcast, the hosts, Joe and Travis, tackle a profound and impactful topic for business owners – the contemplation of mortality. Joined by their special guest and friend, Juliet Hall, a national public speaker, business coach, and author of “Own Your Opportunities,” the episode promises an insightful exploration into the influence that thoughts about mortality can have on business decisions.

The hosts and Juliet delve into the unique perspective that being middle-aged brings to the outlook on mortality. By inviting listeners into this conversation, the episode aims to share valuable insights and key takeaways. As always, Joe and Travis bring their trademark approach of connecting serious life discussions and decisions to the small business community through their podcast.

Listeners can anticipate a thought-provoking discussion that goes beyond typical business topics, emphasizing the human aspect of entrepreneurship. To learn more about Juliet Hall and her insights, the podcast directs its audience to visit her website at

Thanks for tuning in, and the hosts encourage their audience to engage with the episode for a meaningful exploration of a crucial aspect of life that extends its impact into the realm of small business.