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Joe’s core business principles.

For coaching to be truly effective, establishing a foundation of trust, honesty, and relatability is paramount. Joe Watkins places a strong emphasis on building authentic connections with his clients. The coaching relationship thrives on open communication and transparency, creating a safe space where clients feel comfortable sharing their challenges and aspirations. Through this trust-based alliance, real and sustainable results can be achieved over time.

Seeking TRUTH is Revealing and Ignites Real Change

Balance in the FIBERS of Life© Creates Sustainability

MARGIN creates Mind Space for Better Decisions

Good DATA improves every Decision

Consistent Execution Precedes Healthy GROWTH

INVEST in People, & They will Invest in Your Business

Understanding Your FEARS & BIASES is Critical

Clearly Communicated VISION is Vital

Hear from Joe.

Joe’s style is often described as direct, results-oriented and truth seeking. If you are interested in getting quickly into what matters in your business and life, reach out to Joe today. You will gain access to a serial entreprenuer who is super interested in helping small businesses overcome challenges and reach new heights.

“…and most importantly, Joe has transformed my mindset regarding my role in the business. His coaching and consulting leadership has been invaluable!” – Jerry Barber –

Are you interested in Buying or Selling a Business?

One of the most important things you can do when comtemplating a business aquisition or sale is to get a 3rd party advisor to help remove emotions and add data to the decision.

Do you have a large financial decision that requires a 3rd party consult?

Financial Business Consulting is one of Joe’s key strengths. He believes a quality decision comes from quality financial data blended with core business fundamentals.

Are you Struggling with People in Your Business?

Learn how Joe can help you attract and retain the best people in your business by creating a win-win for you and them.

Have you considered a Virtual Chairman of the Board?

One of the greatest values Joe brings to your business is filling the role of Chairman of the Board. He is your experienced sounding board for all types of business decisions and can bring in other hired guns to execute all types of action plans.


Joe Watkins is a Business Coach & Consultant to small business owners and executives. He brings his 30+ years of entrepreneurship and leadership to inspire greatness in his clients’ businesses and lives. Joe uses his proprietary and very practical coaching model called the “6 Sheets of Life & Business” as a backdrop to help his clients truly discover what really matters, how to formulate meaningful plans, and clear the clutter to achieve targeted results.

After having owned many very successful businesses including a lucrative seven-figure exit, Joe brings real life experiences along with his direct, results-oriented style to maximize your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Joe is an excellent Business Consultant delivering clear next steps to his coaching clients including what resources, tools, and people are required to make it happen. Financial decisions and planning are one of his greatest strengths, so Joe will always balance out his advice with its corresponding return-on-investment.

What is a Coach? a Consultant?

A Coach is a dedicated partner who understands the specific needs and goals of a company and its leaders. Their role is to assist you in crafting a clear vision for your business that aligns with your values and personal aspirations. With their guidance, support, and unwavering accountability, coaches empower you to establish and make progress towards your goals, elevating your business to new heights. So, whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or executive, a coach will help you unlock your full potential and achieve next-level results.

A Consultant will advise on specific tools, resources, and processes needed to make these goals a reality. A Consultant will add significant value in analyzing the business operations and how best to move towards stated improvements.

Joe brings tremendous value by blending the coaching and consulting skills as needed in the particular business case creating significant efficiency to move the needle more quickly. Joe’s direct involvement and ownership of dozens of businesses give him the necessary experience to uncover the unseen and give real advice on how to move forward. 


Hear from Joe's Clients

Joe is a change agent, a rare gem in the consulting world, seamlessly blending spiritual and emotional insight with business acumen. His holistic Sheets of Life approach transformed my personal and professional life. Joe’s ability to integrate these aspects, guiding me through intricate decisions, was unparalleled. His expertise goes beyond advice. He helps you implement real systems, ensuring tangible results, both personally and professionally. Thanks to Joe, for the first time the trajectory of my life and business are now aligned. I wholeheartedly recommend Joe Watkins Consulting to anyone seeking genuine, transformative guidance.

Travis Cassell

CEO, 18 Eagles Golf Events

I’ve been working with Joe for 13 years now in many capacities. He has become an integral part of my personal journey and business life. During our relationship, I have transitioned from handyman work to specializing in HVAC, and now I own two national franchise locations for Aireserv Heating & Air. Joe was the first person I called when considering buying a franchise. His methodical process gave me valuable insights and questions to consider. Joe has dedicated countless hours to teaching me about business operations and leadership. In a difficult period for my franchise business, Joe was instrumental in creating clarity in order to make tough decisions. Thanks to his coaching, I am now doing very well, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend getting to know Joe Watkins as a coach, mentor, and confidant.

William Gilmer

CEO & Owner, Aireserv of McDonough & Covington

Joe has had a tremendous impact on me and my business for many years. Well before he was a “professional” business coach, I learned a tremendous amount about myself and my business from spending time with Joe. He is very thoughtful, intentional and intelligent when he shares his thoughts. But make no mistake, he will hit me between the eyes when directness is needed. To date he has represented me in the purchase of two companies, aided in the hiring of key personnel, mentored me on operational and financial efficiencies and controls, and most importantly, has transformed my mindset regarding my role in the business. His coaching and consulting leadership has been invaluable!

Jerry Barber


Since 2010, Joe has been one of the key relationships I turn to for guidance in my real estate business. As my coach, my real estate broker, my house flipping consultant, and my friend, Joe continues to deliver business advice that just works! I even get coaching whether I want it or not :).  What I admire the most about him is his ability to meticulously evaluate any situation or challenge I’m facing, and then offer a perceptive and well-thought-out solution or plan of action. After every meeting, I always know what to do next! I highly recommend Joe if you are looking for an excellent business mind to straight shoot you on major decisions, complex situations, or financial modeling. He just has tons of business experience and wisdom to offer. 

Stephanie Burt

Realtor® / House Flipper,

Do you have a major decision to make?

If you could use a 3rd party advisor to help you make a wise, key decision in your business or life, Joe can absolutely help!