About Joe Watkins

Business CoacH & CONSULTANT

For Business Owners, Entreprenuers, and Executives

“Joe is a change agent, a rare gem in the consulting world, seamlessly blending spiritual and emotional insight with business acumen.”  – Travis Cassell –

The Story of Joe Watkins:

from Chick-fil-A Owner/Operator to House Flipper to Business Owner to Business Consultant 

It all began in middle school when I started selling candy to make a few bucks. The thrill of figuring out the business was just as exhilarating as the profits. I bought packs of Reese’s for $1, sold them for 25 cents each, and pocketed a profit of $1.50 per 10 pack. Sure, teachers occasionally confiscated my stash, but profits were still made, and early lessons on business began.

As I moved into high school and later college, my entrepreneurial spirit only intensified. A partner and I started a pressure washing and cleaning business that grew steadily in our local market. I learned about the challenges of marketing and execution. A turning point in my career came when we landed contracts with various clients, including the notable Chick-fil-A. A leader there saw potential in me beyond being just a vendor and shared a vision of becoming an Owner/Operator. After a couple of years, I was selected for my own Chick-fil-A restaurant at the age of 26. Six years in that role provided invaluable business and life lessons, but the itch for something of my own persisted.

In 2007, I made a significant shift, leaving Chick-fil-A to delve into the world of real estate. Despite having little experience, I saw an opportunity to flip rental properties to investors worldwide. My company became the first online turn-key rental property company in the US, flipping nearly 500 properties in five years. This journey led me to start a property management company, adding layers of complexity to my entrepreneurial experience.

Growing the management company with a team of over 25 employees to oversee 1600 managed homes brought its own set of challenges and lessons. It taught me so much about the intricacies of operational excellence, attracting and retaining great people, customer satisfaction and earning a great profit all along the way. It was a lucrative venture, but after years of building this business, I decided to take advantage of the market climate. 

In 2021, with valuations at an all-time high, I sold the property management company to a large private equity firm. The experience was tremendous, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of new possibilities.

Now, post-sale, I own a portfolio of rental properties, fund and facilitate real estate deals, and offer my insights and expertise to other business owners through coaching and consulting. I have a tremendous passion for small businesses and their owners. I give all I have to make others successful, and their successes are my absolute greatest rewards in business. 

I’ve embraced the freedom to travel and ride motorcycles all over the US, play competitive golf, sing and play guitar in churches worldwide, and my newest hobby of RVing. Seeking new adventures and experiences with my family and friends in life is what drives me out of the bed each morning. 


Why Work With Me?

Joe Watkins brings a 360 degree approach to business based on personal experiences in owning over a dozen successful business ventures. He specializes in working with small business owners who are interested in real change and hearing the real truth. He utilizes his coaching platform called “The Sheets of Life and Business” to bring new perspectives on old-fashioned fundamental business truths. His gift is to deliver transparent feedback aimed at making small business more fun, more profitable, more excellent, more balanced, and thus, more successful for you and your family.


Joe’s 25+ years of running, growing, building, and selling businesses gives him incredible knowledge and experience to what makes a great business work.


  • Business Consulting for over 10 Years
  • 7-Figure Sale of Joe’s Property Management Business
  • Podcast Host of “Big Truths of Small Business”
  • Flipped over 500 properties; Built over 200 homes
  • Orchestrated over $150 million in real estate deals
  • Owner/Operator of a Chick-fil-A restaurant


  • Owner and CEO of nearly a dozen small businesses
  • BBA in Management – Columbus State University
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker in Georgia