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Coaching and Consulting Services Offered

These are examples of the services and value Joe brings to entreprenuers and their businesses when ongoing consulting and coaching relationships are established.

One-on-one business & life coaching

For clients who are interested in a having a trusted and experienced advisor along the way as you build your business, your family, your assets, and your legacy, one-on-one coaching with Joe is available. This is the most effective way to build lasting results in a global life plan. A 6-month commitment is necessary, and Joe will unveil his FIBERS© of Life & Business philosophy in the one-on-ones. Nothing is off limits in these sessions!

Financial consulting & business modeling

Are you in need of a 3rd party advisor to help you make a key financial decision? Do you need to know if your business is truly making money? Should I borrow money for an expansion? Should I partner with another business? Joe is exceptional at spreadsheet modeling and walking clients through the financial decision process incorporating all affected areas by the decision.

preparing you and your business for a future sale

One of Joe’s strengths is helping small business owners create processes, hire the right staff, and produce business models that are sustainable without the business owner working in the business long-term. This creates real value and sellable businesses. We never know when life circumstances may change. Run your business in such a way that it could be sold at any time.

Creating your "virtual" board of directors

One of the most important things we can do as business owners is have a group of trusted advisors by our side to aid in making key decisions in our businesses and life. Joe will facilitate your building out this board and how to utilize them. Joe will stand in as your “Chairman” of the board during this consulting process.

hiring the right business professional services

As part of our business consulting, we will connect you with excellent service providers for many different business functions. Joe having experience in each of these areas and providers gives our clients confidence moving forward. Accounting, marketing, human resources & payroll, website and social media marketing, business softwares and processes, financial planning, and wills and estate planning are just a few examples.

Representation in Business mergers and acquisitions

Are you looking to merge with another competitor? or buy a new business or similar business? There are many things to consider including running financial models, negotiating creative deal structures, contracts and legal, and reporting and due diligence. We can help bring clarity to any business purchase and keep the emotions out of the transaction. We become your 360 degree advisor throughout the process.  

Does Joe Watkins Invest In other Companies?

The short answer is YES. Joe is interested in investing in businesses with the right partners. Investing could include capital, consulting, providing other resources or team or all of the above. Use the Contact tab to tell us about your opportunity.

I want to Sell my Business.

Need a Keynote or Motivational Speaker?

Hire joe as your business keynote speaker

Joe can custom prepare a speech for many specific topics for a conference, luncheon, staff meeting, or training. Having an outside expert to communicate important topics arms business leaders to create early adoption and success of many ideas.  

Examples of speaking topics

The value of creating Margin in The FIBERS© of Life.

The fundamentals of attracting and retaining great people.

Keeping the main thing the main thing in your business.

The power of branding your small business.

Creating content is your number one marketing strategy.

Building a Kingdom business—how to glorify GOD in business.