Joe’s Coaching Philosophy

Joe Watkins brings a unique approach to business coaching through his proprietary coaching model, the “6 Sheets of Life and Business©.” At the core of this model are the six essential aspects of life, encapsulated in the acronym “FIBERS”©: Financial, Intellectual, Physical (Body), Emotional, Relational, and Spiritual.

These elements form the interconnected tissues, the FIBERS©, that are integral in constructing robust businesses and nurturing effective business leaders. Engaging with Joe Watkins Coaching and Consulting means embarking on a transformative journey where your perspective on your business, time, finances, relationships, and more will undergo a profound shift. Joe’s coaching is grounded in the fundamental principle of creating “Margin” in each of these life FIBERS.

Leveraging his strong financial background, Joe demonstrates how strategic investments in these FIBERS can yield substantial returns in both life and business. The “6 Sheets of Life and Business” essentially represent the convergence and optimization of the FIBERS, akin to the meticulous planning depicted in a spreadsheet. Through this holistic approach, Joe empowers his clients to cultivate a balanced and prosperous life, fostering growth not just in business metrics but also in the richness of personal experiences.


In a difficult period for my franchise business, Joe was instrumental in creating clarity in order to make tough decisions.”  – William Gilmer –